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Sales Of Popcorn Hit Record Levels Across The EU As UK Brexit Drama Draws In Huge European Crowds


A report released yesterday by the EU food and beverage commission shows that popcorn sales across Europe have hit an all time high. With an average 5 bags being bought by 1 out of every 3 households each week.

The unexpected growth started in late June 2016. A week after the UK’s referendum to leave the European Union to be precise.

When a small percentage of the UK population voted for Brexit, shops across the EU noticed a small increase in sales but as time went on with Brexit talks become more comical and bizarre, sales of popcorn skyrocketed.

To garner public opinion we headed to a popular Germany beer festival close to the Duch and Belgium border.

“It’z just madnezz, it iz a complete und utter farce. You could not ask for a better comedy.” One German woman told us while we ordered a pitcher of draft Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier during the annual Beschissen Bier Festival.

not my circus not my monkeys

“Ze British politicians, zey make me laugh, squabbling about which Brexit deal to have when the EU haz told them nine (German for No) several times. Und that Nigel Farage… starting a party with no policies other zan to leave ze EU but won’t declare where his funding is from. He vants to swap ze NHS for an insurance based system und… und… you couldn’t write zis stuff… he is being funded by Arron Banks, a man who specializes in health insurance… and ze Brits buy it all up, hook line and sinker.”

The woman stopped laughing and her mood turned more solemn, “I don’t know how a German voman married him. It’z beyond belief. We left zat kind of foolish behaviour back in ze 1940s!”

A passing Belgium man joining with the conversation said, “Zo many, politicianz quitting, the general election, companiez and buzinezzez leaving the country, contractz given to companiez without ferriez, and now the search for a new prime minizter. It iz all too much for uz. It iz the greatez zhow in the world!”

“I wouldn’t mith it for the world, iths the besth thing on television since the Eurovision song contesth,” whistled a passing Dutch man.

What has become very clear is that our European neighbours – those people who are members of the same species but happen to live in a different part of the same planet – gather in the evenings around their TVs and smart devices to watch the news and updates concerning the British exit from the European Union.

Millions sit down each evening with a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy the self-created car crash which is happening across the small expanse of water known as the English Channel.

The United Kingdom has become a laughing stock and a must watch comedy drama which graces all of the media channels across Europe.

Brexit maybe having negative consequences for Britain, but for the sales of popcorn and other snacks across the EU, it has been a godsend.

Sales have risen by an incredible 1056% in the space of 3 years.

After an hour we had to make a hasty retreat from the bier keller as the finger pointing and deafening belly laughter was becoming too much for our delicate British senses.


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