Calling All Plumbers... 17 Situations Only Plumbers Would Find Funny.

Calling All Plumbers… 17 Situations Only Plumbers Would Find Funny.


This post is dedicated to the hard working plumbers of the world who do a wonderful job at keeping us warm, dry and clean by supplying our homes with running water and gas.

Plumbers are part of the backbone of a nation… they keep countries running smoothly and they deserve a lot of respect but for now lets have some fun with them… after all they have great sense of humours, they have to, they work with electricians, carpenters and builders… you need to be able to have a laugh while working with that bunch of low lives otherwise you go insane.

Scroll through the images using the nav buttons and enjoy.

plumber pic 1

To be honest I am not surprised at the phone call… I have eaten there… It kind of comes out the same way it goes in. 🙂



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