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Canada In Talks With Mexico To Build A Northern Border Wall Turning The US Into A Giant Secure Mental Hospital


A leaked document reveals that the Canadian government is in talks with the Mexican government regarding the building of a second US border wall this time along the northern border with Canada.

Sources within the Canadian government say that there has been several meetings between the two governments already.

Plans have been put in place ready for when the United States government starts to build the wall along the Mexican border as promised by the orange skinned President Donald ‘Tango’ Trump.

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As soon as the United States physically separates itself from Mexico, Canada will start to build the second northern border wall – part funded by Mexico.

not my circus not my monkeys

A move which will anger the US President who has threatened several times to make Mexico pay for his wall, something they have repetedly refused to do… after they had stopped laughing.

The idea behind building a second wall is that the United States will become a completely closed off country. Preventing any of its far right loonies from leaving.

During a meeting between the Canadian Ambassador to Mexico and the Mexican President, an aide overheard the Canadian Ambassador saying that “the USA would effectively become a giant enclosed loony bin. A huge secure psychiatric hospital for the mentally deranged.”

The aide – who wishes to remain anonymous – said that she heard the Mexican President reply with “About bloody time, the Mexican people have had enough of the druggies, pimps, dealers, alcoholics and rapists of that backward third world country coming across the border on a regular basis.”

News of the plans recently reached the Whitehouse. Donald Trump is said to be incensed, declaring that it ‘is nothing but more fake news and an immature slanderous attack on him and his presidency.’

In reply to Trumps comments a spokesperson for the Canadian government said “waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah, boo hoo, shut up you big orange wotsit cry baby.”


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